Your virtual mail service in Helsinki, Finland.


Startup fee now €10!

Package Monthly fee Receiving Scanning Forwarding
Beginner 0,- 0 0 0
Basic 10,- 5 5 0
Business 20,- 10 10 0
Forwarding 10,- 5 0 5
Service pricing €/letter
Receiving 1,50
Scanning 1,50
Forwarding 1,-

The scanning service includes scanning the first page of the letter. Additional pages at 0,20 each.

All prices include Finnish VAT at 24%. In case you are no liable for VAT you will be charged net prices.


Mail address service

We will receive your letters on a daily basis. You will receive a notification via email or SMS immediately.

Scanning service

Depending on your preferences we can scan either the first page or the entire letter automatically as it arrives, or as a separate order from you. Scans are sent to your email address and kept in the service until you wish to delete them.

Forwarding service

If you wish, we can forward any arrivals to any address you provide to us. We use nontransparent mailing bags for forwarding. Postal charges are billed in addition to the service fee.

Latest Post

23 Dec, 2018


We’ll be starting our service in spring 2019! Opening fee 10€ until further notice!


The best way to contact us is using our customer service system.

VAT ID: FI27710088 Mailing address: Verwijnen & Verwijnen Oy, PO Box 333, 00121 Helsinki Invoices: Phone service: +358 20 730 7550